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by Grorr


  1. A short description in verse or prose of a picturesque scene or incident, especially in rustic life. ‘If the first half of the novel is an idyll, the second half shifts to romance.’.
  2. Each idyll is a society in the distant future or the remote past that can be held up as a noble alternative to American society. Born in , her childhood was a happy idyll enough until World War One awakened her to reality. But in the weeks ahead the concept of Europe is going to be more than just a bureaucratic nightmare or a holiday idyll.
  3. Jun 08,  · In this contemporary light adaptation of French writer Guy de Maupassant 's tantalising short story entitled "Idylle", the unusual environment of a sweltering railway passenger carriage provides the ideal backdrop for an extraordinary relationship between two perfect strangers/10(1).
  4. Idyll definition: If you describe a situation as an idyll, you mean that it is idyllic. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  5. The bird is often spoken of in Latin poetry, and is the subject of an idyll by Claudian. The idyll of Sesenheim, as described in Dichtung and Wahrheit, is one of the most beautiful love-stories in the literature of the world. Is occupied by Idyll vii., the " Harvest Feast.
  6. a poem or prose composition, usually describing pastoral scenes or events or any charmingly simple episode, appealing incident, or the like. a simple descriptive or narrative piece in verse or prose. material suitable for such a work. an episode or scene of idyllic charm.
  7. Feb 02,  · An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.
  8. Theocritus, Greek poet, the creator of pastoral poetry. His poems were termed eidyllia (“idylls”), a diminutive of eidos, which may mean “little poems.” There are no certain facts as to Theocritus’s life beyond those supplied by the idylls themselves. Certainly he lived in Sicily and at various.
  9. Idyll is a markup language and toolkit for writing interactive articles. Idyll's reactive document model and standard component library decrease the amount of code needed to create high quality multimedia narratives. Idyll uses web standards to produce output that will .

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