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Category: Classic Rock

What I Saw - Nar - Nar (CDr)

by Vozilkree


  1. nar- no, i.. im okay. kairi- whats up with you, you're acting weird. nar- nothing. kairi- okay well im gonna go now, i'll see you at school. nar- kay. he walked out and went to his room, god i couldn't do it anymore. mattia- babe tell me what's up nar- i saw vic and kairi naked in kairis bed. mattia- GET OUTTT nar- i'm serious, it was awful.
  2. For the registry prefix, please see NAR. Nar was a meek and mild-mannered male Overlooker of the Hierarchy, an interstellar entity in the Delta Quadrant. Nar was a subordinate of Zet, the leader in an operation that abducted Kathryn Janeway and The Doctor in an attempt to steal USS Voyager 's warp core.
  3. Nar Bo Har Lo Win Ko Ho Nar Win Bo Saw Aw Dar Ji Ban Ye Nan Aw No Min Mi Net La Nun Tat Wa Lan Na Si Gyi Shi Ku Lat Ku Nam Ye Kon Mu Tar Ko Nar Aw Law Lu Hu Nar Hu Law Au Sat Au Man Ma Waw Ho Nar Yae Le La War Moe Lo Pa Dan Hu Man Ho Nam Nar Na Nar Lel Man Hin Loi Kan Pang Mu Loi Kan.

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